Jaguar Land Rover Develop New Contactless Touchscreen Called Predictive Touch

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As the Global pandemic continues, the World is adapting to this new age in various sorts of ways. While some innovate in personal protection equipment, car manufacturers are innovating in other ways. Jaguar Land Rover, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, have developed a new contactless touchscreen system for its cars. The patented technology has been christened ‘Predictive Touch’.

Jaguar Land Rover Contactless Touchscreen System P
Sensors and artificial intelligence predict what you need to touch on the screen.

Jaguar Land Rover’s new Predictive Touch system uses a combination of artificial intelligence and a host of sensors in order to take total control of the infotainment screen without the need to touch anything. The system recognises a user’s intended target, whether that be satellite navigation, temperature controls or it’s entertainment settings. As the user reaches out towards the intended button, artificial intelligence kicks in to predict that interaction earlier. A gesture tracker, on the other hand, uses vision-based or radio-frequency-based sensors to combine contextual information like user profile data, interface design, environmental conditions with the data available from Predictive Touch’s other sensors like eye-gaze tracker, to carry out the task which the user intended beforehand. Lab research and on-road trials reveal that the time and efforts taken to use the touchscreen, with Predictive Touch, is cut by 50 per cent compared to touchscreens without this tech. The development of Predictive Touch, with the help of engineers from University of Cambridge, has put Jaguar Land Rover one step towards its goal of Destination Zero - its aim to make vehicles safer and environment cleaner. The technology was developed in order to have two main benefits, help keep drivers’ eyes on the road and reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses in the post-Covid 19 world. The Predictive Touch technology also has another pro attached to it, the ability to accurately press the intended button on uneven or poor road conditions.

Jaguar Land Rover Contactless Touchscreen System P

Predictive Touch technology will be offered at a later date, in conjunction with other intelligent safety features like Driver Condition Monitor, engine noise cancellation and cabin air ionisation with the help of PM2.5 ultrafine particle and allergen filtration. Once lockdowns lift around the world, Jaguar Land Rover has pledged to put greater emphasis on cleaner mobility where personal space and hygiene will carry a greater importance.

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