JLR Charges Ahead with Electric Production & Next-Gen SUVs

20/04/2023 - 12:50 | Land Rover,  ,   | IAB Team

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced a bold plan to establish its Halewood plant in the UK as an all-electric production facility, and to make its next generation medium-size SUVs, the electrified modular architecture (EMA), pure-electric. This announcement comes as part of JLR's Reimagine strategy, which aims to position the company as an electric-first, modern luxury carmaker by 2030.

Jlr Reimagine Solihull Production

The first of JLR's next-generation medium-size modern luxury SUVs will be an all-electric model from the Range Rover family, available for client orders later this year, with a launch date of 2025. The move affirms JLR's commitment to the future of the UK car industry and its financial goals of achieving a net cash positive position by FY25 and double-digit EBIT by 2026.

While EMA will be electric-only, JLR will still offer its flexible modular longitudinal architecture (MLA), on which Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are built, to offer internal combustion engine (ICE), hybrid, and battery electric vehicle (BEV) options. This gives JLR the flexibility to adapt its vehicle lineup to meet the needs of different markets around the world that are moving at different speeds towards carbon net-zero targets.

Jlr Reimagine Halewood Merseyside Investment

JLR's announcement represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future for the automotive industry, and highlights the company's commitment to innovation and leadership in the luxury car market.

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