Is this the Cheapest Porsche One Can Buy

19/02/2024 - 15:30 | Porsche,  ,   | IAB Team

Buying a Porsche isn't like buying a cake for many. Yes, these exotic and fast cars are very desirable and tempting, however, they do come at a cost. However, there is a new Porsche out there that seems to be relatively cheap and affordable. But it's not a car!

Porsche Puma Basketball Shoes

Porsche and Puma have joined forces to introduce a line of basketball shoes that combine the style and performance associated with both brands. While Porsche's reputation for engineering excellence and Puma's expertise in athletic footwear may seem like an unlikely pairing, the result is nothing short of remarkable.

Porsche And Puma Basketball Shoes

The collection features two distinct models, each bearing the signature touches of Porsche's design language. The first, known as the LaMelo Ball MB.03, is the third signature sneaker for the Charlotte Hornets' rising star. Drawing inspiration from the iconic 930 Turbo, this model boasts a striking black and yellow colorway reminiscent of the legendary sports car's factory gold paint job. With the Porsche logo proudly displayed on the heel, the MB.03 exudes a sense of speed and sophistication that pays homage to its automotive counterpart.

Porsche And Puma Basketball Shoes 1

The second shoe in the collection, the All-Pro Nitro, follows suit with a vibrant all-yellow design punctuated by subtle black accents. Mirroring the sleek silhouette of the MB.03, this iteration features a Porsche Turbo logo near the heel, underscoring its association with high-performance engineering. From the hardwood to the streets, these sneakers offer both style and substance, making them a must-have for basketball aficionados and automotive enthusiasts alike.

While collaborations between automakers and footwear brands are not entirely unprecedented, the partnership between Porsche and Puma represents a unique fusion of style, innovation, and athleticism. Unlike previous examples, which often paid homage to automotive icons without official branding, this collaboration bears the seal of approval from one of the world's most prestigious automotive manufacturers.


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