IAB joins hands with IIT Madras for Shaastra 2011

23/09/2011 - 11:38 | ,  ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

Indian Autos Blog is proud and excited to announce its association with IIT Madras for its dazzling annual engineering tech fest Shaastra where the best of young minds in India come together to celebrate the spirit of engineering. Shaastra 2011 is held between September 28 to October 2 at the IIT Madras Campus situated in Adyar, Chennai.

In the capacity of Online Partner, Indian Autos Blog will provide comprehensive coverage of automotive events on the front page. Here is a brief introduction in the words of the organizing committee to these events. Don't miss the videos filmed at previous editions of Shaastra.

Junkyard Wars

Theoretical knowledge, practical skills and the ability to make the best out of what is available sometimes can be the best ingredients needed to make an event a big success. And when Junkyard Wars has all of that and more, why wouldn’t anyone be here?

Here one will have an opportunity to dazzle all with your engineering skills, as they work through rounds that will require them to envisage and construct some of the most amazing machines out of nothing but junk. With the tools provided and the scale of machines built, Junkyard Wars is among the biggest of its kind of competitions in the country, easily most fun as well. And what with extensive media coverage of the final testing, huge sponsors, and the amazing prize money, this event needs no further persuasion for all to come and be a part of something this special!

Fire n Ice

"If everything is under control, you're going too slow."- Mario Andretti

This Shaastra, experience the segment has never been witnessed before, one which is synonymous with anger, speed and the ambition to win.

If the sound of an engine is your daily music and mechanics your religion, we invite you to show the extent of your passion. Watch mind blowing machines hit the track and fight it out in the most diverse conditions, maneuvering their way through several obstacles while the clocks tick away. It promises all a sheer exhilarating experience that will be remembered in a long time to come.

All we ask at Fire & ICE is to design and build a radio-controlled beast of your own and we will see if it can take whatever we throw at it.

And yes, the winner takes it all, because we don’t believe in speed limits or restraint.

This is truly an event for the engineer at heart.

Auto Quiz

Ever believed that all the trivia you know about all the classy cars on the roads is rather pointless and would get you nowhere?

Well, clearly, that is about to be changed.

Welcome to Auto Quiz at Shaastra 2011. This quiz explores the rich history and culture of automobiles, with questions drawn out from several topics from the exciting world of automobiles, including trivia about the origins of cars and car-makers, motorsport, supercars, motorbikes and cars in pop culture.

The quiz won’t require a great deal of technical knowledge. It aims at a wide audience, targeted at both auto-maniacs and regular quizzers. So fasten your seat-belts, rev up your engines and race on to the Auto Quiz at Shaastra!

Shaastra Car

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