IAB is back to its regular schedule, has good news, needs your help

25/01/2010 - 09:03 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja


Hello there!

No we're not going to ask you to sign on a blank check or carry us atop the Himalayas.

First things first - We have been taking it slow and easy in the last few weeks and we've got a very good excuse for that.

We have added two new blogs to the family! Testing, probing, thinking, discussing with the team on the subject of these new blogs took a lot of time away from IAB. Now that the new blogs have been setup, appointed with writers, and given a push, our primary focus will turn towards IAB once again.

In case you haven't noticed the embedded feeds (on top right, below individual posts) on IAB, let me give you an introduction to them.

1) Indian Motos Blog (http://indianmotosblog.com)

After seeing the interest our visitors have for two-wheeler news, I decided to spin it off into a dedicated blog. I have also installed a modified layout, but it is very closely based on IAB's layout. The look and feel isn't very different. Regular posting has started there. Each and every development in the Indian motorcycle industry will be covered on IMB. IMB will deal with India-centric motorcycle news, reviews, opinion and so on. We will also at times write on international bikes. Motorcycle enthusiasts will find something to munch on everyday on IMB.

If you are an RSS addict, you can subscribe to Indian Motos Blog's feed by clicking here.

2) Steering News (http://steeringnews.com)

This is a slightly ambitious project, and we're still figuring what news will fit into this blog. The underlying idea of this blog is to cover the international scene with news of interest to Indian reader. We're mainly going to publish spy shots, artist renderings, offbeat news and happenings from around the globe. We will be dealing with fast cars, weird cars, funny cars, etc on Steering News. We'll try and keep it unique; we don't want to write on what the biggies write on. We deal with what they have missed out. This is the thought with which we embarked on this project.

If you are an RSS addict, you can subscribe to Steering News' feed by clicking here.

Your contribution starts here -

Many of you have made reading IAB a daily habit. We would like you to show similar interest with our other two blogs. We don't have backing from a giant media house. We rely on word of mouth, friends, other blogs and search engine authority to improve our readership. We'd like you to inform your friends about the new blogs and ask them to check it out daily. We would appreciate if you can subscribe to the new blogs via email. This can be done by leaving your email into the field on the yellow box placed on the left hand side bar of the new blogs.

You opinion is terribly needed -

What do you think about our new blogs? Do you think the ideas are worth taking into the future? What would you like to see on the new blogs? What would you like to see us write on Steering News?

We need you to answer these questions (some, if not all) by using the comment box below.

Take your time with the new blogs. Check them out, check the older posts and the style of writing. I'm sure they will be suited to your tastes as weeks of work with you guys in mind have been spent on the new additions.

Best Regards,
Shrawan Raja
Managing Editor

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