Nissan Dealers Announce Guidelines To Protect Cars From Yash Cyclone

26/05/2021 - 11:00 | Nissan,  ,   | Saptarshi

India is currently being ravaged by severe cyclones on both its western and eastern coasts. After cyclone Tauktae's devastating effects in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat in western India, eastern states of Orissa and West Bengal are now being impacted by cyclone Yaas. Flooding is often an inevitable result of such super cyclones, and while you may be well protected in the shelter of your house, it is also important to take care your vehicle that may be parked outside. In this regard, Nissan dealerships have announced a few guidelines that should help protect your vehicle.

Flooded Roads
Here are a few key steps to ensure that your vehicles are well protected against floods resulting from cyclones or otherwise.

Park your vehicle at a safe location

Prevention is always better than cure and if you think your area is prone to flooding, you should immediately move your car to a higher ground. Keep it protected in a safe and secure area. Do not leave it parked outside as there are chances of your car picking up damages from falling trees or poles.

Secure the electricals and glass facades

In case water manages to seep in key electrical components or in the wires, it can easily cause a short circuit and bring down the entire electrical system of your car. Ensure that there are no exposed wiring to prevent any such circumstance. In case your vehicle is parked outside, take additional measures to protect the glass facades of the car.

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Do not start the engine if car is submerged in water

In case it is inevitable to protect your car from the floods and it is submerged deep in water, do not attempt to start your vehicle. That's because if water has entered the engine through the intake or exhaust, it could cause serious engine damages and burn a large hole in your pocket. If you suspect that water has entered the engine, it is best to call for emergency services.

When venturing outside, avoid standing pools of water

In case you are required to step outside amidst the cyclone, avoid driving through deeply flooded areas. Pay attention to other road users (cars, bikes, trucks and pedestrians) to gauge how deep the water is before attempting to wade through. If water levels are more than half-a-foot deep, and if your vehicle is not an SUV, avoid taking that road and look for alternate routes.

Lastly, please take care of yourself and your family members in this grave situation. Do not step outside unless really necessary and help the ones in need around you as well.

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