All-new Honda City vs 2020 Hyundai Verna 0-100 kmph Acceleration Run

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Honda City is a well-known brand name in the Indian car market. The car started its inning in India in the late 90s and became an instant hit around the enthusiasts for its ride and handling balance. At a later stage, Honda plonked in the V-TEC motor that made the City the best C-segment saloon of the country.

Now, in 2020, Honda has introduced the 5th-gen model in India as a direct rival to the Hyundai Verna. The latter has also got a set of new engine options, a few months back. We thought of testing out the mettle of the two of the strong contenders of this segment. Thus, we planned to put them next to each other and record their 0-100 kmph timings.

Honda City Vs Hyundai Verna Acceleration Run 0 100
5th-gen Honda City is the most powerful car in its segment with 121 PS on tap, and that helps it in clocking faster 0-100 kmph timings.

To keep the things fair, a total of three attempts were made and the timings for the same were recorded. During the test runs, the cars had 2 occupants and some camera gear in place with air conditioning turned on. All of it was done to replicate the real-world scenarios.

Also, to keep the things competitive enough, both the cars come with 1.5L 4-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol motors, which are coupled to a CVT. The Honda’s iteration is designed to put out 121 PS of peak power and 145 Nm of max torque. The Verna’s unit, on the other hand, is capable of putting out a rated power and torque output of 115 PS and 144 Nm, respectively.

In the first attempt, the City took 14.40 seconds in comparison to 14.23 seconds of the Verna, to reach the 100 kmph mark from a standstill. In the second attempt, however, the time took by these cars dropped down by almost a second. The City recorded the run to a tonne in 13.87 seconds, whereas the Verna took only 13.80 seconds.

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The final run, although, had the table turned to the opposite direction. The City leapt ahead of Verna by reaching the 100 kmph mark in just 13.27 seconds. Nevertheless, Verna was not much slower either, as it took 13.80 seconds to reach the 100 kmph mark. Therefore, it is clear that the new City is the faster car here.

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