High-Res Porsche Matrix Headlights: Performance Leap in Light Tech

25/12/2022 - 10:05 | Porsche,  ,   | IAB Team

The new high-resolution Porsche LED main headlights with HD matrix beam offer a high-resolution light distribution of up to twice as bright than previous systems.

Porsche Hd Matrix 01

Porsche has developed the light technology of the next generation with its new high-resolution HD matrix technology. The core element of the innovation created in collaboration with partners is a chip that combines over 16,000 individually controllable micro-LEDs onto the surface area the size of a thumbnail. Of these LED chips, two are utilised for each headlight – four per vehicle. The headlights with HD matrix technology, therefore, offer a high-resolution light distribution up to twice as bright on a surface four times larger than previous top-notch systems.

The driver benefits from the highly flexible light that the new development makes possible thanks to extremely homogeneous illumination. In addition, there are innovative functions such as lane illumination, construction and narrow-lane light and adaptive motorway high-beam lights. The high-performance high beam turns night into day at a distance of up to 600 metres. A new non-dazzling high beam function is used for oncoming vehicles: large areas to the right and left of the anti-dazzling gap become significantly brighter.

The new HD matrix technology adds yet another highly efficient component. Because the HD matrix headlights only activate the pixels that are actually needed at any given moment, they consume considerably less energy than other high-resolution systems, while the amount of light remains the same.

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