Here is How Uber Celebrated its 10 Years in India

11/10/2023 - 16:01 | Industry News,   | IAB Team

Uber has rolled out the Uber Scholar initiative to support children of the driver community on the occasion of its 10th anniversary in India. This initiative extends far beyond the boundaries of Uber and is open to the community of drivers associated with various companies across Delhi NCR and Bangalore.

Uber India 10 Years Uber Scholar Initiative

Uber acknowledges that education is the foundation of personal and societal advancement. As part of this initiative, Uber is supporting 1000 children from primary to post-graduation in their education pursuits by providing them with support including tuition fees and online devices and tools essential for their success.

As it marks its 10 years in India, Uber also recognized and celebrated the unwavering dedication of its top 100 driver partners in an appreciation event hosted across 10 cities. Uber honoured the children of its top-rated drivers with e-learning devices to support their academic pursuits in an ever-growing digital world. This initiative underscores Uber’s steadfast commitment to the driver community that powers the platform.

As Uber continues to grow its presence in India, it has remained committed to empowering driver partners with improved access to financial support, health insurance, medical consultations and education.

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