Geely Yinhe E8 Wins the 2024 Red Dot Product Design Award

09/04/2024 - 16:35 | Car news,   | IAB Team

Geely Yinhe E8 won the “Red Dot Product Design Award 2024” for its excellent design quality and stood out from many entries from around the world.

Geely Yinhe E8 Front Quarter

The Red Dot Award was founded in Germany in 1955 and has a history of nearly 60 years. Every year, the winning works are evaluated by world-renowned design experts through strict evaluation criteria. Therefore, the Red Dot Award is one of the top recognition awards of international creative design. Receiving the award signifies that the product’s aesthetics and quality gains an authoritative quality assurance and worldwide recognition. This year 2024, Geely Yinhe E8 has been receiving a lot of recognition starting with the IDA Gold Award, the iF Design Award and the MUSE Design Platinum Award for its original design that integrates Chinese aesthetics, smart technology and human centric design.

The 2024 Red Dot Award for Product Design is not only a praise for the innovative design of Yinhe E8, but also a recognition of its continuous breakthrough of design boundaries and excellence in quality. Geely Yinhe E8 is a product that can truly withstand all-round design evaluation and has high-value design.

Original design brings high-quality experience

Advancing into the smart EV era, Geely inherits the distinctive “Ripples of Water” of Geely Borui and Azkarra (Boyue), evolving it into a unique grille design via photoelectric technology —— the world’s first mass-produced one-piece luminous front face “Ripples of Light”. The front face of Geely Galaxy E8 is composed of a luminous ripple matrix of 158 windows. Each luminous window contains more than 100 micro-holes.

In the cabin, the integrated speakers and ambient lighting, inspired by “Three Poles Mirroring the Moon” at West Lake, a famous Chinese landscape and scenery, the console, like ripples in lotus pond, and the door panel design, inspired by the rolling mountains and traditional calligraphy, together bringing users a sense of luxury and high quality.

Geely Yinhe E8 Interior

Make good designs that are responsible for users

The design of Yinhe series models pays attention to both aesthetics and the balance between design and energy efficiency. The Geely Galaxy E8 boasts a soft, round head, a wide shoulder at the rear and a smooth and sleek silhouette to reduce turbulence. At the same time, hidden door handles, the upturned front lamp design, and streamlined rearview mirrors that all factor in minimal wind resistance, offering users an economic and responsible design.

The car is equipped with the world’s first mass-produced 45-inch 8K smart large screen, which integrates multiple functions to meet the in-vehicle interactive experience required by users. In addition, in terms of driving experience design, Geely has repeatedly tested various car use scenarios from the user’s perspective to ensure that driving controls are easily seen and reached.

It has also made various improvements in screen height, depth and angle. Every detail count, providing users with a safe and extremely smooth control experience. With the first priority of driving safety, The E8 continuously explores the upper limit of safe driving and provides users with high-quality mobility solutions.As the winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024, Geely demonstrated its outstanding strength in design and intelligent technology, that is also a design that is responsible for the environment and users. In the future, Geely Design will continue to provide a high-value mobility experience that meets the aesthetic of global users.

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