FOSS Movement: Porsche Anchors Open Source in Software Strategy

09/08/2023 - 18:10 | Porsche,  ,   | IAB Team

Porsche is expanding its open source initiative and has published a strategic guide to using free and open source software.

Free and open-source software (FOSS) is playing an ever more important role in Porsche’s software strategy. By using open source software, Porsche is able to shorten development cycles, reduce costs, promote innovation and talent and improve software quality.

Porsche Open Source

Next step in Porsche’s open source journey

Almost two years after the initiative, the company is taking the next strategic step and publishing the FOSS Movement. In this publication, Porsche describes the fundamental values and principles of free and open source software as well as employees’ role in working with it. In addition to the Open Source Office, employees from the vehicle development, corporate IT and legal departments, as well as Porsche Digital, were involved in the development of the FOSS Movement.

Consistent use of FOSS and collaboration with communities

One of the values set forth in the FOSS Movement is the consistent use of open source throughout the company. Another element is the active engagement with the worldwide open source communities. The objective: to learn from and with each other and advance the open-source software movement. This facilitates collaboration and knowledge-sharing across company borders.

Open source drives innovation

Open source is a significant driver of the digital transformation at Porsche and already provides the foundation for many solutions in Porsche’s software ecosystem today – from control units in the vehicle to prototype tests, the My Porsche digital platform and the Porsche Design System. Porsche is also involved in the Android Open Source Project. Its open approach enables Porsche to analyse software code, bring own requirements to bear in the global project and improve the overall driving experience on the basis of an established platform.

Beyond the technological advantages, open source projects like this offer Porsche the opportunity to find new talent and work closely with a global community of technology leaders.

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