Don't miss this - Land Rover’ launch onslaught exposed

08/11/2012 - 09:16 | ,   | Kaustubh Shinde

Land Rover product planUnder the ownership of Tata Motors, Land Rover has set sail to double its annual sales by 2020.

TheDailyMail has revealed that Land Rover is planning to capture around three percent of the global sports utility market which experts predict will reach 22 million by 2020.

The British luxury brand, having staged a stunning comeback, is planning to sell 600,000 vehicles by 2020.

How do they plan to sell so many cars? Well, JLR plans to introduce no less than 16 products in the same time span.

The current lineup of Evoque, Defender, Freelander, Discovery, Range Rover Sport, and Range Rover will be expanded to multiple variants which will include six Range Rovers, five variants of Discovery and Freelander models, and five utilitarian Defenders.

Before we get into the details of the product lineup, we would like give you a little background of how the Land Rover product line is categorized. The Land Rover product portfolio is split into three lineups – Luxury, Leisure and Utility.

  • Luxury segment consists of Range Rover and Evoque.
  • Leisure segment consists of Freelander and Discovery.
  • Utility segment consisting of the aging Defender.

So let’s get into the details –

  • The Range Rover will see a LWB variant, a hybrid variant and the Range Rover Sport.
  • The Evoque lineup will see a smaller Evoque, an Evoque XL and a convertible version.
  • The Freelander will also see three variations - small, medium, and large versions. There will also be a “baby” Freelander that will take a more mass-market approach.
  • The Discovery will be split into two versions: standard and luxury.
  • The Defender lineup will have no less than five variants. The current Defender will be completely revamped in 2015. The DC100 - a compact Defender - will see the production line as a lifestyle vehicle. There will also be a standard wheelbase and five seats, one with a long wheelbase and seven seats, and one with a pickup bed.

Land Rover will invest 10 billion GBP in the UK manufacturing facility and an additional 1.8 billion GBP in the new Chinese plant to support these expansion plans.


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