Digital Transformation is Changing Every Job Profile at Mercedes-Benz

26/07/2023 - 16:12 | Mercedes-Benz,  ,   | IAB Team

With digitalisation and the increasing use of powerful artificial intelligence (AI) systems, every job profile at Mercedes-Benz is changing. As part of the Turn2Learn qualification initiative, Mercedes-Benz is investing more than €2 billion in the qualification of its global workforce until 2030.

Mercedes Benz Job Profile Shuffle

The Turn2Learn initiative focuses specifically on digitalisation and AI. For example, in the two pilot programmes D.SHIFT and Data Worker, more than 600 employees from production, production-related areas and administration are currently undergoing dedicated qualification to become data and AI specialists. The first graduates will receive their certificates in the next few days. Due to the strong employee interest in this area, Mercedes-Benz is now expanding these programmes.

Turn2Learn as a systematic continuation of Merc's approach to employee qualification

Under the roof of the Turn2Learn qualification initiative, Mercedes-Benz offers its employees a comprehensive range of opportunities to learn in a self-determined and flexible manner for their current job or in preparation for their future dream job.

These range from short courses to learning paths and academic degrees. All qualification offered is aligned with the Group’s strategic goals, for example with qualification available in areas including “data science for beginners”; “cloud solution architect”; “hybrid working”; “developing learning routines” and “project management”, through to sustainability topics. The external learning platforms introduced last year are also being widely used: With around 100,000 licences made available companywide for various external learning platforms, learning opportunities have already been accessed more than one million times since the launch.

Mercedes Benz Turn2 Learn

Investments are being made in the development of digital skills in all areas of the company. In 2022, there were around 120,000 participations in training courses that were related to digitalisation, such as software, coding and IT at Mercedes-Benz Group AG worldwide. In addition, there were more than 77,000 participations in training courses on topics relating to electric mobility at the MB Tech Academies in Germany. Since the beginning of this year, Mercedes-Benz employees worldwide have invested a total of more than 900,000 hours in professional and personal training.

Data and AI at Mercedes-Benz

Generative AI applications already are being employed in many areas of the company. As recently as mid-June, the company announced plans to integrate AI into the voice control system of its vehicles. By adding ChatGPT, voice control via the MBUX Voice Assistant’s Hey Mercedes will become even more intuitive. In mid-June 2023, an optional beta programme was launched for customers in the USA whose model series are equipped with the MBUX infotainment system.

Mercedes-Benz is also testing ChatGPT in production, accelerating the use of intelligent tools in the MO360 digital production ecosystem, which was first introduced in 2020. With the aim of optimising the analysis of production data, for example from quality management, ChatGPT will support production employees as a universal, voice-based interface.

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