10 Dangerous Car Accessories one should TOTALLY avoid

26/08/2018 - 00:17 | ,   | Yatharth Chauhan

Car owners install aftermarket accessories to enhance the convenience or make their vehicles look unique. However, many of these are unsafe and can prove to be fatal at times. Here are 10 car accessories that should be avoided -

Ill-fitting Steering covers

Maruti Swift Limited Edition steering wheel cover
10 Dangerous Car Accessories one should TOTALLY avoid. Pictured is an official Maruti accessory.

Most owners of budget cars opt for an aftermarket steering cover to enhance the grip level offered by the steering wheel. People often think that these covers can make the cabin look cool. The ill-fitting steering covers purchased from the non-authorized accessory shop can slip on the steering wheel and cause the driver to lose control.

Non-OEM Floor Mats

It’s a common practice to purchase replacement floor mats from the accessories market. Buying non-OEM floor mats can turn out to be harmful as ill-designed ones can stick to the accelerator or brake pedal and cause a loss of vehicle control. While the floor mats sold by the genuine accessories dealer are costlier than the non-OEM ones, they are tailor-made for a particular vehicle and are a safe bet.

Coloured Headlamps/Foglamps

10 Dangerous Car Accessories one should TOTALLY avoid

It’s not uncommon to see cars with a yellow tint on the headlamp on a foggy day. People use this arrangement to improve the visibility, but in reality, it can reduce the headlamp intensity, thereby impacting the focus of the headlight beam. While stock headlamps serve the purpose in most road conditions, one can upgrade the bulb in case he requires higher visibility.

Lamp Black-out Kits

Some car owners give their car’s headlamps and taillamps a black tint. Doing so makes the car look sporty but has an adverse effect on the illumination. Blacking out the lights robs off much of their intensity, which makes it all a pretty risky proposition for trailing motorists.

Parcel Tray Showpieces

It’s common to see car owners putting a showpiece on the parcel tray of their cars. Doing so might make the car’s cabin look cooler to the onlooker, but these obstruct the view from the internal rear view mirror. Moreover, on hard braking, these objects can dislodge from their position and impact occupants or distract the driver.

Video Players

Cadillac Escalade Platinum press image roof mounted display

The factory-fitted infotainment units of most cars stop video playback as soon as the car gets in motion. However, the non-OEM roof-mounted video players can support video playback when the vehicle is being driven. Playing a video while the car is in motion can easily divert the driver's attention and result in a fatal collision.


Some owners install bright flashlights in the headlamps and taillamps of their cars. These flashlights can painfully blind road users. Plus, having flashlight bulbs in the headlamps leads to a flawed illumination, which affects the visibility in the night time.

Aftermarket Electricals

Installing most aftermarket car accessories requires a modification in the wiring. For instance, fitting a high-output sound system with a bass tube and amplifier or installing a powerful set of headlamp bulbs requires additional wiring. The non-OEM installation can lead to excessive heating, which, in turn, is a fire hazard.

Steering spinners

10 Dangerous Car Accessories one should TOTALLY avoid
[Image source - Youtube.com]

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While steering spinners are quite popular, they are extremely dangerous. The quality of aftermarket steering spinners is highly questionable. They can break while being used, which can cause an involuntary movement in the steering wheel. This can, in turn, cause a loss of control over the car. Moreover, the spinner can get stuck in a loose-fitting garment and cause a loss of control over the steering wheel.

Seatbelt Accessories

Seatbelts are the most important feature in a car. They are the biggest lifesavers but installing aftermarket accessories on them can make them lethal. Using non-OEM seatbelt hooks or decorative accessories can have an adverse effect on their performance.

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