Chinese lady tows a tow-truck with her Chevy Captiva

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Women and SUVs don't mix, but if they do, boy! are we in for some great action! This is the most exciting or say the funniest event that happens to an SUV on two wheels!

In this video, A Chinese woman (supposedly in Shanghai) has an argument with a tow truck driver who appears to have impounded her Chevrolet Captiva, for illegally parking or for some kind of offense or another. The rear wheels are raised and strapped - all goes well for the tow driver. What he had no clue of, was the woman's next action.

She gets into her car(quite angrily), starts the engine, and begins driving off...while pulling the tow truck with her which was still hooked up to her back wheels and the tow truck driver running in hot pursuit :-)  "Power of 4-wheel drive" - is what we call it!

Probably a testament to the torque a Captiva has, especially the turbodiesel version. This is probably a viral advertisement of some sort but still its very nice one!

IAB Inference(s):

1. Women driving SUVs are dangerous and unpredictable-shouldn't be messed with.

2. Chevrolet Captiva has a terribly good 4WD system!

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