Chinese EV: Geely Yinhe E8 Electric Sedan's Deliveries Commence

06/01/2024 - 09:42 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

Chinese EV maker, Geely Auto Group has officially launched the sales and delivery of the Yinhe E8, the first flagship electric sedan from its Yinhe product series. The event took place at Hangzhou’s Lotus Olympic Center, marking a significant step in Geely Auto's commitment to electrified and intelligent transformation.

Geely Yinhe E8 Chinese Ev

The Yinhe E8 Chinese EV represents a pivotal moment for Geely Auto, incorporating Geely Holding Group’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) to propel the brand into a new era of electrified vehicles. This model allows users to immerse themselves in next-generation vehicle technologies, providing a glimpse into the future of intelligent mobility.

Inspired by futuristic tech design, the Yinhe E8 brings to life the conceptual language introduced in the Yinhe Light concept from the previous year. The Yinhe product series proudly introduces the 'Ripple Wave' grille, an iconic Geely symbol, into the realm of smart electric vehicles. The Yinhe E8, in particular, features the world's first integrated luminous 'Ripple of Light' front face/grille. Comprising 158 micro-lights, this programmable and customizable luminous grille can showcase over 100 different light shows.

Positioned as Geely Auto's inaugural SEA-based electric model, the Yinhe E8 Chinese EV sets a new standard in performance, safety, and driveability within its segment. Boasting the latest 800V electrical architecture, the model supports exceptionally fast charging speeds, allowing a range of up to 180km in just 5 minutes. Its high-performance silicon carbide electric drive motors, generating an impressive 475kW of power, enable the Yinhe E8 to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in a mere 3.49 seconds. The vehicle has successfully undergone rigorous testing, including the infamous moose test, passing at a speed of 82km/h, demonstrating its confidence in handling and safety.

Geely Auto's flagship Yinhe series is now at the forefront of showcasing cutting-edge technology, propelling the brand further into the realm of smart electric vehicles. The Yinhe E8 caters to mainstream users, offering a high-end, high-intelligence, and high-tech mobility experience that exceeds expectations. Initial sales and deliveries of the Yinhe E8 for the Chinese market are set to commence in January 2024, with plans for global expansion in the near future.

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