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Mahindra plans to introduce a hybrid car in India by 2015

Mahindra&Mahindra is easily the most ambitious manufacturer in India. The automaker started with making tractors and other utility vehicles and then moved to making luxury SUVs. They bought Ssangyong in one of the biggest overseas deals made by an

Indian Government to promote Hybrid cars

The hybrid car has not yet caught the fancy of the Indian market. Partly because of the half hearted attempts from manufacturers and partly because the government itself offers no incentive on hybrid cars. More importantly, the cost of the hybrid car

Toyota Prius Hybrid well received in India

Toyota Prius has been the world's best selling hybrid, since its launch in the international market in 1997. The Prius has sold more than two million units since then. It was a bold move by Toyota's Indian arm to launch the Prius in March 2010 in the

Random Thoughts – Prius making money in India

The new Toyota Prius was Japan's best selling vehicle and one of our favorites The update is that Toyota will not be making a loss on the Prius in India. This is not exactly a "breaking news", but rather a no brainer. After all, every car maker wants

Toyota seriously considering Prius for India

The third generation Toyota Prius needs to be assembled in India if it has to find success Business Standard is reporting that Toyota is presently conducting feasibility studies in India for its hybrid car Prius. It is understood that Toyota will not

Tokyo 2009 – Suzuki Swift hybrid

At the Suzuki stall in this year's Tokyo Motor Show, you can expect to see a different kind of Swift. No, it's not a sport model or a souped up 200hp version from a local tuner. It's how a Suzuki Swift would and should evolve. Suzuki will showcase

Spied – Honda Fit (Jazz) hybrid

This isn't coming to India right now, but the Jazz hybrid is a very important model overseas. Honda's Insight, which is a direct competitor to the Prius, has not done well in the U.S. Sales figures tell the shocking story - the Prius outsells the

Honda to bring two Hybrid models next year

It was long known, that a Honda Jazz Hybrid is in the pipeline. What we hear of late is that, Honda will be bringing out two hybrid models next year into the Japanese market - a sportscoupe and the Jazz Hybrid. Both models will set sail to European and

Thai-assembled Toyota Camry Hybrid in India in 2010

The Thai-assembled Toyota Camry hybrid which was displayed yesterday in a special ceremony will reportedly ship to India next year. The Toyota Camry hybrid has its own tail lamp, headlamp and bumper, the three chief features apart from the 'Hybrid