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Shelby Slotted Racers

This is not small piece of kit. Its 63 feet long! Ah, slot cars, the ONLY way to enjoy drinking and driving … and check out this track. This could be the ultimate game of your life but since they are slotted cars, the sheer thrill of driving a real

Ultimate in Virtual Reality! A $15,000 Gran Turismo dock

We’re not sure where every dollar went in this $15,000 Gran Turismo Prologue Pod, but we can appreciate the integrated PS3, 40″ screen, surround sound, racing seat, Logitech G25 wheel (which includes those fancy pedals) and stylish Plexiglas

Need for Speed UNDERCOVER coming soon!!

Well, to most of the people out there who cannot afford to drive the fast and expensive cars, we had the GRAN TURISMO series which was brimming with realism. And i’m damn sure that everyone of us would want to drive cars wildly for which, NFS series