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Rendering – 2011 VW Jetta

So obvious. The 2011 VW Jetta's front fascia is carried over from the VW Golf. The character line passing through the front fender isn't exactly the way the real car will have it. It will blend in a lot more. Powertrain options will closely

Spied – VW Polo in India

Note - we had earlier carried a VW Polo spy video here Someone who knows his VWs captured this Polo while it was testing in an unknown location. The newest iteration of the immensely famous Polo is going to be manufactured right here in India

Renderings – Volkswagen Up!

The Indian production plans of the VW Up! were discussed not once, but twice here before. With its two petrol and two diesel engine, this car is programmed to cave into the market of the ultra-light, ultra-small city cars that sip fuel and park in

Rendering – Next generation VW Polo sedan

According to sources, the VW Polo sedan will be named after a wind (breeze, gale, storm, hurricane or typhoon). It will be manufactured at the company's newly installed facility at Pune, which has begun production of the Fabia, and in the future,

Skoda’s Up! to be Tata Nano Europa butcher?

Behind closed doors, the Tata Nano Europa is getting prepared to face rigorous competition and challenges the West has to offer. The preliminary crash tests have been positive and the Nano is confident of acing all the emission and crash test requirements

VW plans Up! at 3 lakh rupees; two petrols and two diesels

Autocar India reports VW is having grand plans for India. The Up! small car, which was discussed a while back, will be sold in India at a starting price of 3-lakh rupees and the company hopes to sell 100,000 cars initially. VW has gone in for a front

Volkswagen Up! to be manufactured in India for 900 Euros

The Czech car manufacturer (Skoda, you can read their plans here) along with Volkswagen is all set to make HUGE profits by the upcoming model Up! which was displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show some time back. The reason behind saying HUGE profits

New VW Polo records 24,000 pre-launch bookings in Germany

The new VW Polo is making headlines already. Infrastructure is being put in place for the roll-out of the Indian Polo, overseas, it is getting ready to attack its segment players in a grand manner. During this period of recession when it's tough to

Deluxe Duel – Volkswagen Jetta vs Skoda Laura

We have tried and answered questions that magazines and blogs could not have even thought of. Though readers might term this comparison useless and pointless, for someone really confused as to which car is better, that one answer, that one defining

Rendering- 2011 Volkswagen Touareg

Even though it was built on the same platform of the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne, the VW Touareg has seldom found many a customer in India. With that said, we can only expect the new model to more appealing. This car comes with several modifications over

VW Passat Embassy and R-Line launched in France

French Volkswagen Passat owners can now have the option of two special packs offered by Volkswagen - Embassy Passat and R-Line. While the 'Embassy' is aimed at those who seek luxury, the 'R-Line' would appeal mostly to the sporty types.