Bumper To Bumper - Should Nissan risk remaking the Duster?

18/12/2012 - 18:04 | ,  ,   | Shrawan Raja

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If you didn't know, Renault and Nissan are alliance partners, and their relationship goes down in automotive history as a happy and long lasting marriage.

The companies started working together in India with a common production plant, relied on a common parts sourcing team, built cars that share technologies, clubbed engineers to design new products, and their relationship blossomed to a level that they didn't mind sharing their most important assets - their products - with one another, to participate in important segments.

In this Bumper To Bumper video, I ask if Nissan has to risk remaking the Duster. The informed Indian, who is new to badge engineering, feels that Nissan makes the originals, while Renault is the lazier of the two.

Should Nissan take the long term perspective into consideration and preserve its image of being the company that does all the hard work or is the SUV market so seductive with big numbers and far too few players that Nissan cannot afford to miss the bus?

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