Bentley Named Britain’s Most Admired Automotive Manufacturer

02/04/2023 - 08:15 | Bentley,   | IAB Team

Bentley Motors has been named Britain’s Most Admired Automotive Manufacturer, according to the UK’s longest-running corporate reputational survey.

Bentley Most Admired Company Britain

The annual Most Admired Companies Study dates back over 30 years and honours the best businesses throughout the country. The award reflects Bentley’s extraordinary lineup of cars, its business success, and future-looking Beyond100 strategy, enabling Bentley to revolutionise from the world’s biggest 12-cylinder engine producer to an all-electric car company within a decade.

Bentley achieved the number one position in the extensive study of 250 leading British companies across 25 sectors. The country’s largest public companies and leading employers were asked to evaluate their peers across 13 key criteria, making it the ultimate peer review of corporate reputation.

Bentley Most Admired Company Uk

Bentley achieved first place in nine of the 13 criteria, including Quality of Management, Quality of Products & Services, Ability to Attract, Develop & Retain Top Talent, Long-term Value Potential, Capacity to Innovate, Effective Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Effective Use of Corporate Assets, Inspirational Leadership and Competitiveness.

The acknowledgement comes just weeks after Bentley announced its most recent financial results, for the period of 2022. This included profit figures of €708 million, representing an 82 per cent growth in profit from a four per cent growth in volume against the previous year. Incredibly, this transformation includes operating profits up nearly €1 billion compared to five years ago.

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