Bentley Launches New Personalised Customer Tour Experiences

26/08/2023 - 17:15 | Bentley,   | IAB Team

Bentley Motors has made further investments in its customer experiences by creating new fully immersive, innovative and digitally engaging experiences at its historic Crewe headquarters, which will launch from September 2023.

Bentley Tour Experience 1

From 1 September 2023, this new adaption of the manufacturing base will allow customers to create their own Bentley design legacy as well as enjoying a transformational, digitally immersive, 3D lineage experience that will bring the story of Bentley’s long and rich history to life. This significant development is a further extension of its landmark £2.5 billion investment in future product development and the Bentley ‘dream factory’ headquarters which employs over 4,000 people.

Bentley customers will be welcomed to Crewe by a dedicated host who will create a personalised factory tour to inspire and stimulate ideas for their final specification.

Bentley Tour Experience 6

A new customer experience area in the Excellence Centre for Vehicle Finish will offer every opportunity to create a piece of custom art. Clients will be invited to choose from a range of the latest paint finishes, sustainable hides, stitching designs, finest wood veneers, hoods, carpets and seatbelt varieties with design consultants on hand to provide advice on combinations and final aesthetic that will make their dream car a reality.

The dedicated wood shop with more than nine sustainable wood finishes from around the world will enable customers to select their own veneers and learn how their car will be precision book and mirror matched. Bespoke finishes such as stone, carbon fibre and machine turned aluminium are also offered.

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