5 Key Points to Keep in Mind When Buying New Car in India

13/05/2023 - 09:17 | Featured | IAB Team

Purchasing a car is one of the most significant achievements for most Indians. Well, the entire car-buying process can be tiresome. From getting the right deal to having all the paperwork sorted - it can often be a time-consuming affair. That said, there are some things a car buyer should remember to make the whole process a wee bit easier. Here are 5 key points to keep in mind when buying a new car in India.

1. Pre-delivery Inspection

This is one thing that most car buyers tend to ignore. Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) is the final checkup of your vehicle before it is delivered it to you by the dealership. Many dealers skip this step and hand over the car to the buyers without the PDI certificate. The unsuspecting buyer, who is mostly unaware of this process, takes the delivery of the vehicle without the PDI certificate. However, the customer should ensure that his car has attained PDI certification before he takes the delivery. This will ensure that a manufacturing defect would not go unnoticed and you'll be saved from wasting time on claiming a warranty and going through unnecessary hassles.

2. After-sales services

Buying a good car is only half the job done. After-sales service plays a crucial role in the ownership experience of any car. Hence, make sure that the vehicle you buy isn't too costly to maintain, and that its spare parts are readily available. Moreover, having a service centre in the vicinity of your residence can be an additional bonus.

3. Test drive

This is as simple as it sounds - simply do not put your money on any car without test-driving it. You cannot get an idea of the performance and comfort of any car without even test driving it on public roads. The real-world performance of any car can't be entirely reflected by its spec sheet. Moreover, when taking a test drive, try to choose your own road instead of taking the route suggested by the dealership staff. Try to go over some rough patches instead of driving only on well-paved roads to get an idea of the ride quality.

Furthermore, look for factors like the clutch feel and the turbo lag. A car with a heavy clutch, heavy steering, and a high turbo lag will be more stressful to drive in city traffic. So, it's best to avoid such models if you need to tackle congested streets on your daily commute.

4. Handling charges

Many dealerships have been including 'handling charges' in the final price of a vehicle. If you find this included in the total bill, ask the dealership to remove these additional charges. Handling charges have been deemed illegal by the law, and one can even sue a dealership for asking for the extra amount. You can get in touch with the customer care of a car company in case your dealership insists on charging you extra in the name of handling fees.

5. Insurance policy

Never rely solely on your dealership to get the best insurance policy. Obtain multiple quotes and do opt for add-ons like flood protection cover, zero depreciation, and engine cover. It pays to visit insurance aggregators for finding the most well-priced policies.

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