3-Cylinder Toyota Yaris GR Tuned From 268 to 740 HP

30/05/2023 - 12:55 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

We have come across a 3-cylinder Toyota Yaris GR that has been tuned to produce an incredible 740 horsepower. In stock state, this 1.6L turbocharged hatchback makes 268 HP.

Toyota Yaris Gr Tuned Front Quarter

Powertune Australia, a tuning company based in New South Wales, has managed to achieve this feat. The official dyno-tested figure is 740.9 HP. And to reach there, the Toyota Yaris GR has been fitted with multiple aftermarket parts.

For example, the hatchback uses an upgraded head gasket, uprated head studs, and a turbo exhaust manifold. The tuners also fitted an upgraded intercooler with the necessary piping. The car runs on a MoTec plugin ECU.

Toyota Yaris Gr Tuned Rear Quarter

To handle the incredible output, the Yaris GT is using a six-speed sequential transmission from X-Shift and is mated to an ATS Triple Carbon clutch. Other tweaks include new injectors, fuel pump and a cat-back exhaust steup. The rods, crank, and pistons have been kept stock.


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