Reader's 1960 Lambretta Li150 looks as stunning as it did 58 years ago

05/11/2018 - 19:01 | Lambretta | Suvil Susvirkar

Scooters have come a long way since 1960s, but the retro charm of the Lambretta is seldom challenged. Petrolheads have kept the retro-classics alive by restoration and maintenance. One of the folks who has done more than his share is Bangalore based motorcycle enthusiast, Vishal Agarwal. Vishal owns as many as 28 retro motorcycles that include three Yamaha RD 350s, Royal Enfield Silver Plus, Royal Enfield Explorer, 1977 Royal Enfield Bullet, 1960 Vespa, and BSA Bond 50 to name a few.

Lambretta By Iab Reader Vishal Agarwal Left Side
The restored Lambretta, apart from the retro, dual-tone paint, gets the white tyre wall.

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Here we have details of his 1960 Lambretta Li150. The scooter in the photographs is more than five and a half decades old. It wasn’t in such great shape about five years ago, but Vishal made sure that this retro-beauty survives and comes back to showroom condition. The scooter was restored to stock specification, and the necessary love and care ensured that the Lambretta gets back on the road.

The KA registered scooter gets a dual-tone paint job. The silver base paint is complemented by red colour in the centre of the apron and on the side panels. A chrome mask to the headlight gives the fascia an appealing look. Lambretta branding proudly occupies the side panels.

White tyre walls were an integral part of the retro-machines, and Vishal ensured that his Lambretta gets those. The white tyre walls are absolute visual treats for anyone who looks at the scooter. Even the spare tyre gets the white wall design to ensure that the vehicle does not lose its charm if the Stepney were to be used. The tyres wrap the dual-tone wheels that feature a red centre.

The curves of the Lambretta are just as appealing as they were back when the scooter first rolled out from the factory. The split seat further enhances the look of the vehicle. The pillion grab rail is placed on the front part of the saddle than at the rear.

Lambretta By Iab Reader Vishal Agarwal Right Side
The Lambretta Li 150 is part of 28 vehicle garage that includes 1960 Vespa, three Yamaha RD 350s, Royal Enfield Silver Plus, Royal Enfield Explorer and BSA Bond.

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Vishal’s Lambretta retains the original specification and thus uses a 57.0 mm bore x 58.0 mm stroke engine. The 148cc, single-cylinder, two-stroke motor is tuned to deliver 8.25 bhp of maximum power at 5,300 rpm and a claimed top-speed of 85 kmph. Stopping power comes from drum brakes on both ends.

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