Volvo EX90 to Support Google’s New HD Map

07/01/2023 - 14:45 | Volvo,   | IAB Team

In the upcoming Volvo EX90, lidar, cameras and radars come together to understand your car’s surroundings and help keep you safe. To further improve assisted driving technologies and eventually reach autonomous driving in the future, it also needs a way to recognise your environment in the detail – both immediately in front of you and at longer distances beyond the twists and turns ahead.

Volvo Google Hd Maps

Enter Google’s HD map – a comprehensive map designed specifically for car makers that provide highly detailed and up-to-date road information.

Continuing its longstanding collaboration with Google, Volvo Cars and our strategic affiliate Polestar will be the first car makers to bring their HD map technology into its cars, starting with the recently unveiled Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3.

Volvo Google Hd Maps Integration

By integrating Google’s HD map, Volvo will be able to bring together data from its industry-leading sensor set in the Volvo EX90 with Google’s precise lane-level and localisation data to facilitate assisted driving features like lane change assistance and Volvo Cars’ Pilot Assist technology, as well as future autonomous driving functionality.

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