Volvo Delivers 74-Tonne Electric Truck

28/06/2023 - 17:29 | Commercial Vehicles,  ,  ,   | IAB Team

Volvo Trucks has delivered an electric truck for heavy transport to a haulier in Gothenburg, Sweden. The truck can handle a total weight of 74 tonnes.

Volvo Heavy Duty Electric Truck

More and more hauliers are now starting to invest in electric trucks, also for heavy transport. Mattson Åkeri in Gothenburg, Sweden is one of them, and the company has now bought three heavy electric Volvo FH trucks from Volvo.

For the past few weeks, testing has been ongoing on one of the trucks in container traffic in the port area of ​​Arendal in Gothenburg. The test is a so-called HCT (High-Capacity Transport) project. The truck with two trailers is 32 m long and can handle a gross combination weight of 74 tonnes.

Volvo Heavy Duty Electric Truck 1

The electric truck being tested is a Volvo FH Electric 6X4 and is charged with green electricity at the two fast 180 kW chargers that Mattsson Åkeri has installed in the company’s depot in Arendal. In the long term, the truck will also run between Gothenburg and the city of Borås, 70 km from Gothenburg.

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