Volkswagen R Unveils Lighter, High-Performance Wheels For New Golf R Models

20/06/2024 - 17:37 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

Volkswagen R is introducing its most powerful Golf models yet: the new Golf R and Golf R Variant. These models are not only performance powerhouses but also visually stunning, featuring the new optional 19-inch Warmenau forged wheels.

Vw Golf R Alloy Wheel

Lightweight Innovation

The Warmenau wheels, developed in collaboration with Volkswagen Design, offer a perfect balance of stability, aesthetics, and lightweight construction. Weighing just eight kilograms per rim, these wheels are about 20% lighter than traditional alloy wheels, reducing unsprung mass and enhancing handling.

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Design and Performance

The unique design features ten overlapping rectangles and a large 71% opening ratio, which significantly improves stability and wear resistance. This design also enhances brake cooling, reducing thermal stress, particularly on racetracks.

Vw Golf R Warmenau Forged Alloy Wheel

Volkswagen R Heritage

Named after Volkswagen R's headquarters in Warmenau, near Wolfsburg, the wheels are available in black or dark grey with a diamond-cut finish, and can be paired with 235/35 tires. The design pays homage to the original sporty Golf R32 models.

Launch Date

The new Golf R models, along with the Warmenau performance wheels, will make their world premiere on June 26.

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