VIDA V1 Electric Scooter Deliveries in Delhi Commence

26/01/2023 - 10:38 | Hero Motocorp,   | IAB Team

Customer deliveries of the VIDA V1 electric scooter have now commenced in the nation's capital, Delhi. With this, the electric two-wheeler is now available in 3 cities - Bengaluru, Jaipur and Delhi.

Vida V1 Delivery In Delhi

VIDA has Experience Centers in Bengaluru and Jaipur, and pop-up stores in Delhi-NCR, where customers can test-ride the Vida V1. The brand is planning a rapid expansion of its sales and charging network across multiple cities.

The highly customizable, Built-to-Last VIDA V1, with convenient removable batteries and three-way charging options, is available in two variants – VIDA V1 Plus at Rs. 128,000/- and VIDA V1 Pro at Rs. 139,000/-, price includes all connected features, portable charger and charging service. (Effective Price Delhi).

Vida V1 Customers In Delhi

The VIDA V1 also offers industry-leading features such as Custom Mode (100+ combinations), Cruise Control, Boost Mode, Two-way throttle, Key-less access and an Over-the-air enabled 7” TFT Touch-Screen. The VIDA V1 is based on an intelligent platform that’s modular, scalable & flexible, enabling it to learn and adapt on-the-go. The VIDA V1 evolves with the rider.

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