12 things to check before taking delivery of a new car

27/02/2019 - 16:28 | Featured | Yatharth Chauhan

Purchasing a new car is among the biggest goals of many. Taking the delivery of a new vehicle is a pretty exciting process, mainly because the wait to get behind the wheel of your prized possession is about to end. Unfortunately, however, many new car buyers forget to perform some necessary checks before driving their new car home. It may be noted here that there have been numerous cases of a new car having defects or other abnormalities that can hamper the ownership experience. Therefore, it's of utmost importance for a new car buyer to notice things to check before taking delivery of a new car.

Generation of Invoice after PDI

Maruti Ritz Sale Invoice Mockup

Once you have finalised the vehicle you want to buy, make it clear to the dealership through an e-mail that the invoice for the new vehicle should be generated only after you have completed the pre-delivery inspection (PDI). Moreover, perform a detailed examination of the car in daylight to check if everything is in place.

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Take a friend along for PDI

things to check before taking delivery of a new car Pdi Check Sticker

Two pair of eyes are better than one. Hence, take a friend or a relative along with you to perform the PDI. It's easier to spot any abnormality when more eyes examine a vehicle.

Check the ‘Form 22’ to confirm the manufacturing month and year

things to check before taking delivery of a new car Maruti Sx4 Form 22

It's not uncommon for car dealerships to sell you a car that was manufactured several months ago without informing you about its manufacturing date. Therefore, ask the dealer to let you have a look at Form 22, which carries your car's engine number and chassis number along with the month and the year of manufacture. Moreover, ensure that the engine and the chassis number of your vehicle match with those mentioned in the official document.

Check the paint and bodywork

things to check before taking delivery of a new car 2018 Hyundai i20 facelift review front angle

Inspect the exterior of the car. Look for any sort of scratches or abnormalities in the paintwork. Moreover, even look for small dings or scrapes. Make sure that none of the panels has been re-painted to hide damage to the bodywork. In case you sense something fishy, push the salesperson for details by asking him if the car has suffered damage during its transportation to the dealership. Of course, the dealership staff would try to hide any such mishap, but they might speak the truth on being questioned confidently. In case you notice even minor damage in the bodywork, bring it to the notice of the dealership and ensure the car is repaired free of cost.

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Check the interior

things to check before taking delivery of a new car New Honda Civic Review Image Interior Dashboard Su

After inspecting the exterior, get inside the car and have a look at all the panels and upholstery. Check if the glovebox shuts correctly and that the upholstery is devoid of stains. Remove the carpets and look for any sort of abnormality in the floor pan, which could be an indicator that the car has suffered some damage while being transported to the showroom. Also, do check if all the glasses and the mirrors are free of scratches or cracks. Moreover, all the buttons and switches should be fitted correctly.

Check the Aircon

things to check before taking delivery of a new car Nissan Kicks India Launch Event Aircon Vent

Start the engine and switch on the aircon at full speed. Make sure that the cabin is cooled quickly and that there's no foul smell emanating from the vents. Often, a car is kept in the stockyard for many days, and the air vents end up harbouring bacterias and other microorganisms that can cause a foul odour. Moreover, the ducts could have got clogged in case the car was parked in a dusty environment. Therefore, do a proper examination of the AC unit and report any issue immediately to the dealer.

Check the Electric equipment

things to check before taking delivery of a new car Tata Zica lights on Revotorq diesel Review

Make sure all the lights, electric windows, and other electrical equipment, like central locking, in-car entertainment, and instrument cluster are working correctly. Many times, a car that has been parked in a stockyard for months suffer damage to wiring from rodents. Moreover, the battery shouldn't be too old and even ask the salesperson for the warranty card of the same.

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Check the suspension

things to check before taking delivery of a new car Hyundai i20 Active Diesel suspension Review

At times, a vehicle remains parked on an uneven surface for many months. Due to this, there are some chances of the suspension losing its alignment. Furthermore, at times, new cars suffer damage to their suspension on being unloaded from the trailer. Therefore, take a small test drive of your vehicle after having the manufacturer-recommended air pressure in all tires.

Check the tires

things to check before taking delivery of a new car 2016 Ford Mustang GT in India boot with spare wheel First Drive Review

Speaking of the tires, check the manufacturing date of every tyre to make sure that it's not much older than the vehicle itself. Old tires might have hardened rubber, which would compromise road grip and lead to faster wear and tear. Even check the spare tire and ensure it is adequately inflated. Finally, check if a toolkit has been provided and that it has all the required tools.

Check the odometer

things to check before taking delivery of a new car 2016 Hyundai Tucson mileage Review

The odometer reading shouldn't exceed more than 150 km. In case the number is higher, ask the dealership for a reason behind the mileage that the new car has clocked.

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Pop up the hood

things to check before taking delivery of a new car 2017 Maruti Dzire engine bay First Drive Review

Look under the hood for signs of fluid leakage and cracked engine cover. Ensure that the fluids, including the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, windscreen washing fluid are at the correct level. Moreover, the engine bay should be clean and devoid of dust.

Ask for a demonstration

things to check before taking delivery of a new car Ford EcoSport Infinity mall mumbai preview centre console

The last thing to check before taking delivery of a new car is the demonstration of the car. Before driving away, do not forget to ask the salesperson to provide a demonstration of how every feature of the car works. Clear all your doubts about the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle before you get behind the wheel of your new vehicle.

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