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VW to acquire stake in Suzuki; will use its support in India

If you were an automaker and you had grand plans for India, which auto manufacturer would you look to partner with? The answer is the obvious. And VW also agrees. Rumors of a possible tie-up between VW and Suzuki were confirmed by a popular

Bugatti Centenaire with 1350hp might amaze at Geneva

Bugatti is celebrating its hundredth year in the Automobile business, and what better way can they do it than by putting forward a car that has a 1,350 horses hidden under the sheet metal? That would be truly exceptional.

First Sketch of Volkswagen NMS (New Mid-Size Sedan)

American television station WRCB has managed to get hold of a sketches lying around on Volkswagen NMS designer's desk. Seen before in the form of a test mule, the NMS (temporarily called the New Mid-size Sedan) will be a car built for America at America

Volkswagen- Volkswagen Beetle in India by middle of 2009

The iconic VW Beetle does not need any introduction even if you live in a country that's little known for cars. It is one of the biggest success stories ever to be recorded in the history of Automobiles, reincarnated in 1998 directing many manufacturers

VW Caddy Preview- What to expect

Caddy is technically a commercial vehicle in the UK with no windows or doors behind the front row seats. This obviously will not work in India as a taxi but, certainly has prospects for a parcel van.

VW Caddy could soon be running around in India

A silver Volkswagen Caddy, belonging to Kashyap Motors was recently caught testing in Central Delhi, by one of our readers. The Caddy is a very famous multi-purpose vehicle that belongs to the delivery van segment in Europe. Its strength is its adaptability.

Spied- 2010 Volkswagen Jetta

New pictures of the 2010 Jetta has surfaced, and at first, its looks no different. To a casual eye it may look exactly the same as the existing model. But, if you concentrate very hard(till it hurts!) and keep staring at the pictures, boy can you spot