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Nissan Micra – High resolution Images

The new Micra's dashboard is well laid out, but price is not going to be less Here at IAB, we're not very sure about the size of the new Nissan Micra. We're expecting it to be slightly bigger than the Chevrolet Beat. Wheelosphere is reporting that India

New Nissan Micra caught while Ad filming

Spy photographers in Australia have caught a new Nissan Micra desperately trying to hide itself from prying eyes during Ad filming. The photographs somewhat provide an idea about the design features on the new small car which debuts in India this

Spied – New images of Nissan Micra surface

While we were off air, some of our friends had posted images of the Nissan Micra on their websites taken at a factory in China. Adding to the image count, here's a close-quarters spy shot of a blue Nissan Micra. The Micra will come with a highly