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Video – New Toyota Etios commercial

This Toyota Etios storyline is similar to the Tata Nano commercial from last year. The concept is similar – the car is being driven to an Indian home where it is received with the customary traditions. Toyota has also highlighted the target customer

Toyota Etios launched at 4.96 lakh rupees [update]

The 1.5-liter Toyota Etios sedan has won the good design award in Japan. The pillars of the Etios is price, mileage, space and style. Etios was developed from ground up to be a sedan. Instead of developing a hatchback and slapping a boot on it, Toyota's

Speculation – Toyota Etios sedan specifications

A person, through IAB's contact form, has sent us what he claims are the actual specifications of the upcoming Toyota Etios sedan. We can't vouch for his claim, but we're posting it here anyway. Consider taking in this with a pinch of salt. ETIOS

Spied – Pappu Hatela spots Toyota Etios in Bangalore

On his way to Bangalore on the Bangalore-Mysore road on Friday morning, our friend and regular reader Pappu Hatela spotted the Etios twins testing with taped badges. Both the cars are being driven, perhaps for last-minute adjustments. The silver hatch

Toyota Brazil working on Etios for 2012

Managing Director of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Mr Hiroshi Nakagawa told Business Standard that Toyota's Brazilian subsidiary is working on the Etios as well. Managing Director of Toyota Kirloskar Motors, Mr Hiroshi Nakagawa - A project is presently

Official – Toyota Etios sedan arrives before hatch

Toyota has revealed that its Etios sedan will be launched before the hatchback. Both the vehicles will debut in Bangalore on December 1st in a ceremony graced by the chairman of TMC, Mr.Akio Toyoda. Deliveries of Etios sedan will begin in January

Toyota Etios heading to South Africa by 2012

SA's leading automotive portal motoring.co.za is reporting Toyota will introduce the Etios hatchback in their country by 2012. The online publication predicts the Etios to compete with several low cost hatchbacks like Chevrolet Spark Lite (Chevrolet

Official – Toyota to launch Etios on December 1

Toyota has confirmed its small car Etios will be launched in Bangalore on the 1st of December. It isn't clear whether the sedan will come before the hatchback, but word has it that Toyota will introduce the hatch only next year. Toyota will introduce

Video – Toyota Etios promotional video

We're expecting Toyota to launch the Etios in the month of January next year. The Etios hatch and sedan will come with 1.2-liter and 1.5-liter petrol engines that should be energetic. We don't hope to see a diesel till the beginning of 2012. Here's