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Premier launches diesel SUV RiO in Bangalore

Premier, which launched the Compact Diesel SUV “RiO” last year in an unveiling at Mumbai and registered over 2,000 bookings, is busy taking the vehicle to different parts of India. Earlier this week, Premier launched the RiO in Bangalore. The Premier

One last time – Toyota Fortuner spy pics and video

Our reader Prakash from Bangalore has officially turned into our spy photographer. He first gave us a video of the upcoming Spark's test mule, then a couple of pics of the Fortuner and now a cool video and set of images of the same vehicle in traffic,

Exclusive; Spied – Skoda Superb hybrid

Regular Indian Autos Blog reader Sulakshan has emailed us what he claims is the Skoda Superb Hybrid test mule. These pictures were captured in Bangalore city, a locality where Skoda extensively evaluated the regular Superb. Sulakshan informs us

REVA’s World Earth Day idea is worthy

If you were an eco-car manufacturer, what would you do on a day that's set aside for the environment? Release a special edition with stickers and tints that pollutes no less, use it as an advertising occasion and pose with models in a green outfit, speak