T-Roc Cabirolet - First Model to Get VW's New 1.5 TSI evo2 Engine

19/07/2022 - 10:45 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

VW has enhanced its bestselling 1.5 TSI petrol engine and is now introducing the latest generation, the TSI evo2, in Europe. The T-Roc and T-Roc Cabriolet will be the first models to be delivered with the new engine. The TSI evo2 will also be introduced successively in other models by the end of the year.

Vw T Roc Cabriolet

The new TSI evo2 engine makes it possible to reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The compact, ultra-modern four-cylinder engine will initially be available with an output of 110 kW (150 PS), and further variants of the 1.5 TSI evo2 will follow.

In the latest evolutionary stage of the 1.5 TSI, the development engineers have moved the three-way catalytic converter and petrol particulate filter close to the engine in a single emission control module, thereby further improving the efficiency of the emission control system. As a further contribution to sustainability, this permits reduced use of precious metals in production and at the same time creates the basis for compliance with future emission standards.

Vw 1 5 Tsi Evo2 Engine

A key technological feature for reducing fuel consumption in the 1.5 l evo2 is the enhanced Active Cylinder Management system, ACTplus – a joint development of the Wolfsburg and Salzgitter sites. The focus of this new development was on improving activation and deactivation of the two cylinders in order to guarantee smooth engine running. The combustion process in two-cylinder operation was optimised, thus also allowing the operating range of the Active Cylinder Management system to be extended. With ACTplus, the second and third cylinders are not fired when the engine is operating at low and medium loads and speeds. This switchover is hardly noticeable. The efficiency is increased in the active cylinders, while the middle cylinders simply follow with practically no losses – they are reactivated when the accelerator is pressed again.

Alongside the variable-geometry turbocharger, the 1.5 TSI also features other high-tech components: the high-pressure injection system generates a pressure of up to 350 bar, plasma-coated cylinder walls reduce friction, and pistons with cast-in cooling ducts allow combustion to be optimised and efficiency increased.


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