Rimac Plans to Change People's Lives With its Autonomous Robotaxi

02/01/2024 - 17:36 | Car news,   | IAB Team

Croatian automotive powerhouse, Rimac, renowned for its groundbreaking electric vehicles and the iconic Nevera hypercar, is gearing up to make a significant leap into the realm of mass mobility. The company, also recognized as the parent company of Bugatti, is embarking on this venture through its Project 3 Mobility initiative.

Rimac Taxi Render 2023

Set to unveil a pilot prototype of a highly autonomous robotaxi in early 2024, Rimac has ambitious plans to have it operating commercially by 2026. While specific details about the project remain under wraps, reports from Autocar indicate that Kia is contributing to the development of the robotaxi. Founder and CEO, Mate Rimac, expressed the company's vision to impact more lives by providing accessible and eco-friendly urban transport.

The forthcoming vehicle is expected to possess the capability to navigate without human intervention. Rimac's comprehensive strategy extends beyond the vehicle itself, encompassing the development of supporting infrastructure, including charging stations, storage hubs, and designated parking spaces. Mate Rimac describes the robotaxi as "a car but a completely different type."

Rimac has adopted a discreet approach to the unveiling of the robotaxi, a deliberate strategy aimed at avoiding any perception of underdelivering. Operating as a stand-alone brand within the Rimac Group portfolio, Project 3 distinguishes itself from both the high-performance supercar maker and Bugatti, signifying Rimac's commitment to revolutionizing mass mobility.

Source: Autocar UK via Motor1

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