Revealed: Peugeot 301 compact saloon unveiled prior to Paris Show

25/05/2012 - 17:47 | ,   | Raja Rama Moorthy

French Auto-maker Peugeot released the images and initial details of its new entry level compact sedan, the 301, before its debut at the Paris Motor Show in September.

Peugeot 301 front three quartersPeugeot 301 rear three quarters

This sedan is the first in the lineup of "01" cars that is its new naming strategy. "01" represents VFM factor of the cars and its practicality of use. The 301 will be built in Vigo (Spain) and targeted at markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, The Middle East, Gulf and African States, as well as in certain Latin American markets. Sales kick start from Turkey in November. Peugeot said it won't sell the 301 in the UK.

Peugeot 301 side profilePeugeot 301 dashboard

An interesting fact - if you notice it's target markets, you can see that most are developing economies. We don't know why the Peugeot left out World's two fast growing markets, India and China, for the 301. Peugeot needs to have a factory in India to manufacture this model and factories take years to build. Peugeot's strategy for India has been like the Indian monsoon - you can't put a date on it.

The Peugeot 301 - Value for Money?

  • The 301 has a classy exterior with the front grille resembling the 508.
  • Since it is targeted at developing countries, the 301 is built to withstand intense conditions like hot & cold weather, bad roads , dust, poor fuel quality, etc.
  • It could be the largest car in its segment measuring 4.44 metres long along with a wheelbase of 2.65 metres.
  • It has a boot capacity of 506 litres but it is still smaller when compared to Toyota Etios' 595 litre cave.
  • The 301 also packs a variety of safety equipment like ABS,ESP,Emergency Braking Assistance and 4 airbags.
  • Entertainment can be had through the MP3 audio with Bluetooth hands-free kit. USB facility is also listed
  • Remote opening of boo
  • Parking Assistance

Peugeot 301 - Engine choices:

The 301 comes with one diesel and two petrol engine choices. All the engines are latest generation engines with advanced technology and reduced fuel consumption

  • 1.6 litre HDI diesel engine with 92 horses and a manual box.
  • 1.2 VTi petrol with 71 horses and either manual gearbox or Electronic Gearbox Control.
  • 1.6 Vti petrol with 115 horses and comes with manual & automatic transmission.

Peugeot predicts the 301 would become a bestseller as they say that " the 301 illustrates the internationalization of the brand." Peugeot pins a lot of hope on this model as it went into operating loss in 2011. Demand is down in the European markets forcing Peugeot to look outside Europe for growth. It would be a good move to bring the 301 to India but we'd first like to learn if Peugeot has concrete plans in India.

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