New Fast Nine Trailer Previews Space Cars, Flying Ford Mustangs & More

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The Fast and Furious franchise is dear to every petrolhead and car fanatic. Th latest production of the franchise - dubbed the Fast nine - is going to be the movie where the Fast and Furious Saga brings family to the final frontier. There's a new trailer of the Fast Nine that has just come out, giving us a glimpse of what that will look like. And as you'd expect, it packs in plenty of cars in some action packed scenes and plenty of drama. Heck, the very first shot of the trailer treats us with a beautiful blue Nissan GT-R.

Back in 2019, writers of the Fast and Furious series had seemingly joked about somehow getting the characters to space. Well, that now seems to be happening for real in this latest iteration of the series. But before we get the space thing, the central theme that this trailer is trying to portray is the dynamics of a family in a world where car crime is inevitable and car driving is a superpower. The protagonist, this time, is Dominic Toretto's brother, played by John Cena.

Fast Nine Trailer 1
These are some big American heavyweights banging into each other.

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The trailer takes us through a wide array of stunts. Dom Teretto's famous Dodge Charger can be seen pulling and pushing the presumed bad guy's trucks around the streets using a gigantic magnet-like thing. We can also see Helen Mirren going a handbrake turn in the most classy and sassy way. Dom can even be seen trying to smash a flaming armored big rig into a stealth fighter jet. Yes, there are even fighter jets is this newest Fast and Furious iteration.

Fast Nine Trailer 2
A Fast and Furious Film wouldn't quite be complete without flying cars.

Other notable mentions include a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT in a very stealthy looks, Ford Mustang flying in the air, Toyota Supras and several motorcycle chase sequences along the way. At the end of the trailer, characters Tej and Roman can be seen donning a space suit to take a car converted into a rocket ship - or lets say a rocket-like car, quite literally -  to the edge of outer space. To a set of untrained eyes, it almost looks like a space car.

Fast Nine Tariler 3
Heck, there's even something like a space car this time.

So that's Fast Nine for you, the tenth iteration of the Fast and Furious franchise. After many delays, the film finally debuts on June 25th. Like always, it will be a treat for car fanatics with some beautiful cars and extreme driving. Quite frankly, you can never seem to get enough of this series. This time, it even has a space car, so go ahead and watch it.

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