New Mahindra Thar - Offroad Essentials Detailed - Video

02/05/2021 - 16:00 | Featured | Saptarshi

It's a great time for off-road enthusiasts in the country given that we have an off-roader as capable as the new Mahindra Thar, fully developed and produced in India, with pride. The new Mahindra Thar is a massive leap over its predecessor and is now a thoroughly modern SUV. That said, it hasn't lost any bit of its off-road charm. In fact, it is now more capable than it has ever been. Once an empty canvas for modifications, the new Thar comes so well built from the factory itself that you'd barely want to tinker with it in any way.

The Mahindra Thar showcased here is in its top-spec LX trim with a soft-top convertible roof, that has been folded down to let all the elements in. It, however, must be noted that the heavy-duty metal front bumper fitted to this Thar is not a Mahindra genuine accessory, but has been installed only for the purpose of the electric winch.

Electric Winch

Rightly said in the video, the electric winch is the most basic and mother of all off-road accessories. If you indulge in serious off-roading, this is an absolute must-have as it will get you out of almost any situation you find yourself stuck in. The electric winch comes with its own set of accessories for safety and usability purposes. It must be noted that you should keep your engine running when using the winch as it can otherwise suck out a lot of juice from the batteries.

X-Trax II Rubberized Traction Mats

When off-roading, you might find yourself in a situation where you cannot winch yourself out. Let's say your wheels are stuck in snow, deep slush or sand and there's no anchor to mount your winch to. This is when the Bushranger X-Trax mats comes really handy. You just need to carefully put these rubberized mats under the wheels that are stuck and they will give you instant traction to crawl out of whatever situation you were stuck in.

Hi-Lift Jack

A lot of times it may not be possible to use an electric winch or your vehicle may simply not be equipped with one. In such a scenario, a Bushranger Hi-Lift jack can come in very handy. Of course, this is a manual way to winch your vehicle out of any situation but it is really effective when more convenient methods are not at hand. Just like the electric winch, the Hi-Lift jack also comes with its own set of accessories.

Exhaust Jack

Here's another clever tool to retrieve your SUV in case it finds itself in an unfavorable situation or even for the purpose of changing a tire. The Bushranger exhaust jack is an inflatable jack that's placed underneath your SUV, depending on where exactly you want to lift. You simply connect the cable to the exhaust pipe, start the engine, and let the exhaust gases inflate the balloon till it lifts your vehicle.

Tail-Gate Mounted Snack Tray

One of the coolest things from Mahindra's range of accessories is the very useful tail-gate mounted snack tray. This will come fitted to your Thar right from the factory and can be used for a variety of purposes. When camping outdoors, it can be used as a cooking top or simply as a tabletop to keep things. In fact, it's such a useful piece of kit, we wish Mahindra offered this tray as standard on the Thar.

2020 Mahindra Thar Rear 3 Quarters 2

These important tools aside, Mahinmdra will also sell you several other accessories such a Bushranger tire repair kit and an air compressor that can be used to inflate your tires, or even your inflatable bed if you have one. Exploring the wild outdoors has never been easier and the Mahindra Thar is a great enabler.

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