Is that a bicycle or a tricycle? Both!

26/08/2008 - 16:10 | ,  ,  ,   | Dave

Quick question…How many of you ate pavement when learning how to ride a bicycle?  We certainly digested our fair share… The shift bicycle is the brainchild of proud parent Scott Shim.  Fed up with watching his four year old tumble off his bike, Scott decided to do something about it.

At rest, the Shift bike’s two back wheels tilt in at the top to form a stable, balance-assisting “A.” When the rider leans forward-a natural tendency when pedaling faster-the weight shift activates a tension band that unites the bottom of the rear wheels into, effectively, a single wheel. As the rider slows, the wheels split again. Even though this is only a concept, expect to see it on the streets very soon…

Source : Gearcrave

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