'Gold Class' lane for luxury cars to be introduced in Dubai [Edit - This is a spoof]

11/11/2013 - 09:00 | Specials | Shoeb Kalania

Edit - A 'Gold Class' lane augers well with a land where gold plated supercars, AMG-powered police vehicles, and million dollar registration plates are usual sights at the roundabout. Too bad that this story is a satirical piece from The Pan Arabia Enquirer.

Luxury car owners traveling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi will soon be able to enjoy their journeys in an exclusive lane. This lane won’t be accessible to all cars, only owners of a select few top-end car brands would be able to use it.

RollsRoyce Phantom in Dubai
Luxury car owners in Dubai will soon get an exclusive "Gold Class" lane.

Slated to open next year, the ‘Gold Class’ lane will be available with a set monthly fee, an amount which hasn’t been disclosed yet. Officials managing the project said the price would be “disruptively high” to prevent the Gold Class lane from becoming overcrowded.

The exclusive members-only lane will offer features unavailable in the other lanes. These include a top-of-the-range gold painted tarmac, an extra 10 kmph over the regular top speed limit, and a 50 cm wider path. Members can also avail discounts at select car service centers.

Dubai Police Lamborghini
Manned vehicles will be stationed along the Gold Class Lane

The special lane will be cordoned off from other lanes with a red velvet rope. Manned vehicles will also be stationed along the route - almost like club bouncers. According to the project spokesperson this ensures that someone in a dusty Lancer or Corolla doesn’t try to take advantage of the lane and spoil the driving experience for its members.

Mr. Feras Mettle, a Ferrari owner said: “I've often thought that it just felt somewhat wrong to be sharing a lane with much cheaper cars. I look forward to using Gold Class and ensuring my fellow users are similarly high net worth individuals.”

Mr. Clive Dumbridge, owner of an Aston Martin had other thoughts, here is what he said: “It just concerns me that they might be putting, say, a Corvette in the same category as my vastly more expensive vehicle. Perhaps there should be a VVIP or Platinum Class lane as well.”

Ferrari 458 Speciale top
Only owners of a select few top-end car brands will be able to apply for membership.

If that wasn't enough, the service providers are also looking at separating the lane from the others via a 20 cm wide pane of glass and using genuine flakes of 20-carat gold in the paint, for an added whiff of luxury.

The initial proposal for the Gold Class lane has shown a positive response. If it is a success, there are plans to expand it to other roads across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

[Source - PanArabiaEnquirer]

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