Final Teaser of Renault Austral SUV Revealed via a Design Sketch

24/02/2022 - 19:40 | ,  ,   | IAB Team

All-New Renault Austral is athletic, sensual and technological, and comes with all the SUV hallmarks. Its designers aimed for a powerful personality combining chic and muscle, and mirroring the renewal of an up-to-the-minute brand in the midst of its Renaulution.

All-New Austral has a very modern look. Its large wheels assert its muscular silhouette with a bonnet line close to the wheel arches. A success that gives the vehicle strength and character. All-New Austral also features everything you expect from SUVs: the contrasting front and rear skid plates, side-impact protections and sills, eye-catching ride height and high beltline all help to keep the driver and passengers safe.

2022 Renault Austral Teaser

All-New Austral’s front combines vivacity and sophistication. A chrome-plated horizontal line cuts across the top of the large, chequered grille and stretches outward to the headlights. This design element visually enlarges the front of the vehicle and adds an elegant, polished touch. The new “Nouvel’R” Renault logo in the middle asserts the vehicle’s modern personality. All-New Austral’s chiselled lights (all LEDs) are conspicuously contemporary. The front includes the C-shaped lighting signature that characterises Renault models. This updated signature affords the car a technical look, adding to its personality and intensifying its athletic design.

Austral’s proportions give it a spacious, robust and sporty feel, which is reinforced by the rear window’s angle. The protruding tops of the wheel arches give the vehicle structure. Below, a crease runs across the side then angles down towards the wheel covers, enhancing the structure and dynamism of the silhouette.

A polished stainless steel bezel at the top of the side windows adds intensity to the swooping roofline and glass surfaces, which form a dynamic curve reaching the tailgate. The central and lateral air inlets on the front bumper, the roof slope and the lines sweeping across the sculpted sides visually underscore the aerodynamic efficiency.

The Renault Austral’s digital Worldwide Premiere unveiling will take place on Tuesday 8th of March 2022.

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