Waiting period for 2016 Toyota Innova extends to 3 months in Indonesia - Report

25/11/2015 - 10:39 | ,   | Ashwin Ram N P

Available in 12 variants.

The waiting period for the 2016 Toyota Innova extends to three months in Indonesia, according to Auto Bild. The MPV was unveiled to the world and launched in Indonesia this week.

2016 Toyota Innova white front quarter right world premiere photos
The low-end Innova will be delivered in a few weeks, the mid-variant in less than two months and the top-end model in under three months.

Introduced in 12 variants - six petrol and six diesel versions - the 2016 Innova has three trim levels - G, V, and Q. All three trim levels are offered with the combinations of petrol and diesel engines with manual and automatic transmissions.

The entry-level petrol model with manual gearbox is priced at IDR 282 million (INR 13.59 lakhs) and the top-end petrol version with automatic transmission is priced at IDR 384.8 million (INR 18.6 lakhs). Similarly, the diesel variants range from IDR 310.1 million (INR 14.95 lakhs) to IDR 423.8 million (INR 20.43 lakhs).

2016 Toyota Innova white rear quarter right world premiere photos
The 2016 Innova is available in 12 variants, comprising of all combinations of three trim levels, two engines and two transmissions.

The low-end G trim level is reported to have a waiting period of a few weeks, while the mid-level V models would take one to two months for delivery. The top-spec Q versions is said to take up to three months to reach customers.

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It is also reported that the low-end G version stands for Grande, the mid-level V variant stands for Victory and the top-end Q badge stands for Quantum.

[Source: Auto Bild]

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