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Next gen Skoda Laura to share engines with Golf 7

No body understands and exercises the concept of components and platform sharing better than the VW group. In the quest to become the automotive superpower by 2018, the VW group is on an aggressive cost reduction mission.It's evident by the introduction

Two limited edition Skoda Octavias introduced in the UK

Skoda has launched two new limited edition variants of Octavia (sold as the Laura in India) for the British market. The limited editions, with their added kits is expected to offer greater value than the standard model.

1.5 Millionth Skoda Octavia II (Laura) rolls off the line

Just when we finished reviewing the Skoda Laura vRS, we were hit by another good news from the Skoda camp. The Czech auto company has rolled off 1.5 millionth Skoda Octavia II (Laura for us Indians) from company’s main plant in Mladá Boleslav on Wednesday

Skoda brings a big hatchback to Frankfurt Motor Show

WhatCar reports that Skoda will bring a concept bigger than Fabia to the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. In the production form, the hatchback will sit between the Fabia and Octavia. Besides this, Skoda will unveil the Vento-based Rapid to the global

2013 Skoda Octavia (Laura) makes us drool!

Unlike the Indian scenario, Skoda has always been perceived as the common man’s car. It does its job and quietly sits in the corner of the VW home without drawing too much attention. The reason being if it attracted too much attention, it would invade

Skoda Laura, Superb get new diesel engines

The Skoda Laura gets a new diesel engine with CRDI technology Skoda will fit its Laura and Superb vehicles with a 2-liter CRDI engine that appears when you open the bonnet of the VW Passat. The PD engine found in the bay of those cars at the moment

Skoda Laura gets new engines, transmission in Europe

Skoda Laura utilizes VW's engine and gearbox. Skoda should send them to India Czech Auto major Skoda has added VW Group’s seven-speed dual clutch gearbox to the Laura (known there as Octavia). The Skoda Laura also gets the renowned 105bhp 1.2-litre

Deluxe Duel – Volkswagen Jetta vs Skoda Laura

We have tried and answered questions that magazines and blogs could not have even thought of. Though readers might term this comparison useless and pointless, for someone really confused as to which car is better, that one answer, that one defining

New Skoda Laura will be launched in India on May 20

Sources have confirmed to us that the Skoda Laura facelift (Skoda Octavia to foriegners) will be launched in India on the 22nd 20th of this month. Engine options are rumored to be no different. The launch function is also said to happen in Mumbai.

Video- Skoda Laura facelift

The facelifted Skoda Octavia (Skoda Laura to us Indians) was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show last year. The front end receives a sharp dynamic look that reminds us of the soon to be launched Superb in India. Inside, Skoda has redesigned the steering

Skoda Unveils Octavia RS+ Concept at Essen Motor Show

Skoda's recent makeover and facelift treatment for its range now extends to the Skoda Octavia RS (Skoda Laura in India). At the Essen Motor Show in Germany, Skoda presented a concept version of its flagship Octavia RS model, the Studie RS+(study). The