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Renault-Nissan not happy with the Bajaj RE60

Back in 2009, Renault-Nissan entered into a partnership with Bajaj to bring out a Tata Nano rival. The idea was that Bajaj would develop a low cost car and Renault Nissan would sell it under their umbrella. Many speculations and rumors later, it seems

Renault-Nissan working on new compact SUV on V-Platform?

Autoincar and Bloomberg have reported that the Renault-Nissan alliance is working on bringing out a low-cost SUV on the V-platform by 2013, which will take on the role of the Juke's younger brother. Remember that the Juke itself is the Qashqai's younger

‘Made-In-India’ Nissan Micra will come by 2010

Nissan Motor Company's Indian investment plans are on track to begin the production of compact cars by next year. Nissan and Renault are jointly developing a Rs 4,500-crore manufacturing facility in Chennai, which will roll out the company's A-segment

Video- Renault’s V6 dCi Diesel engine

French Automaker Renault recently unveiled a new V6 diesel engine. A V6 diesel engine might never find its way into Renault's Indian offerings, but it certainly gives us an idea of what Renault's R&D is up to and what we can expect from their diesel cars