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Bajaj Auto looking at sub-brand for lesser capacity bikes

Now, this is interesting. We all know Bajaj was restructuring its segments by increasing displacements and re positioning its bikes (you can read more of it here) and by the end of this year, the refurbished bikes would be out on the market, but then

Hot-Bajaj revise bike platform strategy for India

Bajaj Auto, the coolest and best bike maker, has drawn up a new, aggressive strategy for its motorcycles, which will involve a specific platform approach to generate big numbers. Bajaj has been trailing rival Hero Honda, for a long time now and as part

Chinese are the best Xerox Machines in the World!!!

Daihatsu, which was known for making small cars, had released a SUV sometime back and has even updated it. Well, to my eyes atleast, it looks like a blatant rip off. The front looks like the parts of the Toyota RAV4 have been taken and fixed and coming