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Nissan introduces sporty Micra 1.6 in Brazil

Nissan has come out with an interesting variant of the Micra (locally called March) hatch in Brazil sporting a 1.6-liter engine that fires using petrol and ethanol. The March variant is equipped with a 16-valve flex-fuel engine that develops 111PS/151

Analyzed – Nissan Micra tops 6 million units globally

The Nissan Micra is a sales success for the Japanese company which was questioned for shifting the production site and making markedly different design changed during its introduction last year in March as the Nissan March in Thailand. Nissan has been

Nissan Micra’s global sales go through the ceiling

Nissan has managed to sell 54000 Micras all across the globe. These include bookings from Thailand, India and even hometown Japan. The Micra was first launched in Thailand earlier this year & made its debut in India a couple of months back.

Nissan Micra a massive hit in Japan

The Nissan Micra which was recently introduced in India, has met with mammoth success in its home market. More than 10,000 Japanese customers have placed their orders within two weeks of the vehicle's launch. Nissan was only expecting 4,000 orders

Nissan Micra Review – Exteriors & Styling

The styling of the last generation Nissan Micra can best be described as 'girly'. There is no offense in a car looking feminist, but when a manufacturer is aiming to sell the car in 160 markets worldwide, it can't offer a car that only the fairer sex

New Images of Nissan Micra from Thailand

We assume we're hours away from seeing the new Nissan Micra at the Oragadam facility in Chennai. While high anticipation prevails in camp IAB, another part of the world is getting ready for the launch of this small car. We're talking about Thailand

Spotted – Nissan Ad campaign in Thailand for Micra

Nissan has begun going public about its upcoming March/Micra compact car In Thailand, Nissan is gone up a gear for promoting the new Micra/March compact car. Ads featuring the car is becoming a regular sight in Thailand with the "Coming soon" text in

New Nissan Micra caught while Ad filming

Spy photographers in Australia have caught a new Nissan Micra desperately trying to hide itself from prying eyes during Ad filming. The photographs somewhat provide an idea about the design features on the new small car which debuts in India this

Nissan’s V-Platform details revealed to Indian media

Nissan today called members of the media and briefed them on the V-Platform, the architecture that Nissan's Micra will be based on. No photographs were allowed inside the screening room. The details discussed follows. New generation Micra or March

Spied – Exclusive no-camouflage Nissan Micra in India

Car affacciando Shakti has picked out a very eagerly anticipated car in India. Shakti, in Delhi area, captured an orange car that looked very unique. Without racking his brains to identify the car, he shot this image and later during examination,

‘Made-In-India’ Nissan Micra will come by 2010

Nissan Motor Company's Indian investment plans are on track to begin the production of compact cars by next year. Nissan and Renault are jointly developing a Rs 4,500-crore manufacturing facility in Chennai, which will roll out the company's A-segment

Nissan Shifts to Mexico; Indian plant on track

Left with a yen that is climbing in value all the time, and losses after a flourish of nine long years, Nissan is in a shaken state. The company expects a $3 Billion loss and the counter measures are immediate- the production of its Versa/Tiida has been