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Mercedes explains why you pay 16.7 lakhs for the A Class

Ever since Mercedes India evinced interest in launching the new A Class, we have our prying eyes focused on any development around this model. Recently the new A Class was launched in Europe for a price tag of 16.7 lakh rupees. [can't see the video

De Nieuwe Mercedes-Benz A Class heads for a shower

The Mercedes-Benz A Class is the most awaited launch (for Indian Autos Blog) from Mercedes Benz India. Mercedes has confirmed its interest in selling the A Class in India in the next two-three years. The new A Class revealed at the Geneva Motor

Mercedes Benz lands the smashing new A-Class in Geneva

Mercedes Benz displayed the new A-Class at the Geneva Motor Show sporting a completely new design, redesigned interior and a range of new technologies. Despite all the drama, it thankfully retains its compact dimensions - length/width/height: 4292/1780/

Mercedes Benz A-Class press shots leak out

We're hours away from the unveiling of the all-new Mercedes Benz A-Class and a few images of from the press kit have already been uploaded on the internet. If you remember, a cyclist with a camera had shot the Mercedes A-Class while it was filming for

Rendering – Mercedes Benz’s X1

BMW proved to India that by thinking a little bit ‘out of the Box’ one can create a product that is an absolute winner. The segment that BMW created for itself by introducing the X1 was a compact coupe-SUV. But the Germans Auto giants are oddly

Coming Soon – Mercedes Benz A-Class in India

Could the A-Class provide stiff competition to MINI and Audi A1? Mercedes Benz is planning to launch its A-Class hatchback in India in the next two years. The company has been planning for over a decade but due to the poor demand for expensive hatchbacks