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Jeep 551 (Jeep C-SUV) front three quarters spy shot

Jeep 551 (Jeep C-SUV) spied testing in China

Will enter production next month in Brazil. The Jeep 551, also referred to as Jeep C-SUV, has been spied testing in China, courtesy PCauto.com.cn. The Jeep 551 is just over a month away from its official appearance, with a debut scheduled to take place

Jeep 551 (Jeep C-SUV) interior spied

Jeep 551’s dashboard partly revealed in new spyshots

Will be unveiled in late-September. The Jeep 551 has been spied by Autos Segredos reader Marcello Oliveira. The new spyshots, along with a close look at some elements of the exterior, also partially show the interior of Jeep 551. The Jeep 551’s

Jeep 551 (Jeep C-SUV) front spy shot

Jeep 551 (C-SUV) spied testing yet again

India will manufacture the C-SUV for domestic and export markets. The Jeep 551 (Jeep C-SUV) has been spied testing again, courtesy Autos Segredos. The new Jeep will be unveiled at FCA’s new Pernambuco assembly plant in Brazil in late-September, and

Jeep Patriot front three quarters

Production of Jeep Compass, Jeep Patriot to end in December

Jeep 551 will enter production in September 2016. The Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot were introduced as the company’s new compact crossover/SUV category models and entered production in 2006, and are finally going out of production a decade later,

Jeep Compass:Patriot replacement (551) front thee quarter IAB Rendering

Jeep 551 to be revealed in late-September

Indian production will commence in 2017. The Jeep 551, commonly referred to as the Jeep C-SUV, was previously said to debut at the 2016 Sao Paulo Auto Show in November. However, according to a new report from Automotive News, the Jeep 551 will be unveiled

Jeep Compass:Patriot replacement (551) front thee quarter IAB Rendering

Production of Jeep 551 (Jeep C-SUV) to start in Jan 2017

Will be made in India also starting in 2017. The Jeep 551 is expected to debut at the 2016 Sao Paulo Auto Show to be held from November 8-20. However, its sales won’t commence anytime before early-2017, as per a report from Automotive News. According

Jeep 551 (Jeep C-SUV) rendering

Jeep 551 (Jeep C-SUV) rendered ahead of Sao Paulo debut

Will be made-in-India starting next year. One of Jeep’s most important launches this decade, only second to the next-gen Wrangler, will be the Jeep 551, commonly referred to as ‘Jeep C-SUV’. A speculative rendering from Quatro Rodas

Jeep 551 spied

India-bound Jeep 551 SUV spied in Brazil

Will debut in Sao Paulo in November. The Jeep 551 has been spied yet again in Brazil, courtesy Autos Segredos. Commonly referred to as ‘Jeep C-SUV’, the Jeep 551 will serve as the second generation model of the Jeep Compass or Jeep Patriot.

Jeep 551 tail light spy shot

India-bound Jeep 551 reveals its taillight glow pattern

Will be built in India also, starting next year. Jeep’s upcoming new crossover, internally known as the ‘Jeep 551’ and commonly referred to as the ‘Jeep C-SUV’, has been spied testing in China. The new spyshots, courtesy

Jeep 551 (Jeep C-SUV) spied up-close, alongside Ford EcoSport

Jeep 551 (Jeep C-SUV) spied up-close alongside Ford EcoSport

To launch in Q3 2016 in Brazil. New spyshots from Carplace reader, Alexandre Cantu, feature the pre-production Jeep 551 test mule with lesser camouflage. It is photographed from all angles, including a prototype parked beside a Ford EcoSport. The compact

Jeep 551 Brazil spy shot

Jeep 551 (Jeep C-SUV) spied yet again in Brazil

India will be one of the main manufacturing hubs. The Jeep 551, commonly referred to as ‘Jeep C-SUV’, was supposed to debut last month, however the company plans to introduce the compact crossover towards the end of Q3 2016. As development

Jeep 551 rendering front three quarters

Jeep 551 (Jeep C-SUV) – Rendering

Will be unveiled in Q3 2016. Jeep’s upcoming crossover, commonly referred to as Jeep C-SUV and internally known as Jeep 551, has been delayed. Set to replace the Jeep Patriot and Jeep Compass, the Jeep 551 was expected to be introduced this month