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Hyundai Equus Interior Images

The Hyundai Equus interior images have made their way on to the internet, 24 hours after the exterior shots. The first thing that strikes you is the sat nav screen, which just like Porsche Panamera, is placed in between two tall aircon vents.

Maruti Suzuki to replace WagonR, Omni & Versa

Maruti Suzuki India today revealed its plans to replace three of its cars — the WagonR, Omni and Versa. A person dealing with the projects said the new WagonR will be based on the Suzuki’s MR Wagon platform(like the existing model), but the exterior

Spied- 2010 Porsche Cayenne including interiors

This is what Porsche's next generation Cayenne SUV looks like. These pictures have been snapped at the famous German race track Nurburgring, where spy shooters wait day and night with their thumb finger over the snapper.

Spied- Porsche Panamera Dashboard

Previously on IAB, we gave you a visual treat- 20 high quality images of the Porsche Panamera. But those photos solely brought out the beauty's exterior. Nevertheless, those photos merely brought out the beauty's exterior. The Porsche Panamera's interior